WELCOME | North Walsham Live Aid | Raising Money For Charity Since '85

Welcome to the North Walsham Live Aid website, It has taken a while to get here but I think we are almost done. Many thanks are due to Wayne Beauchamp and Daryl Blyth for designing and providing the website.

I hope you enjoy the site there are dozens of photos of past gigs right from the first one in 1986, also press reports and letters of thanks from the various charities we have supported over the years,

I have also listed our supporters and those who have donated towards the many auctions and raffles we have held,

If you have any photos or video clips you would like me to add to the site please let me know.

e mail    bazza.nwliveaid@gmail.com

e mail  mobile  07903902731

or mail to

Barry Holden,

1 Bird's road   

 North Walsham


NR28 0WE

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